Hit 100 million - now the founders are being praised article image

Hit 100 million - now the founders are being praised

Jimmy and Heidi Månsson have been named Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm city 2024 by the Entrepreneurs, according to a press release. Their company, Elexir Pharma, has enjoyed impressive growth and increased turnover by around 300 percent since 2018, with turnover exceeding SEK 100 million last year. The company has set ambitious goals to become the largest supplier of dietary supplements in Sweden within five years and the leader in Europe within ten years.

Elexir Pharma was founded in 2000 by Jimmy, a former elite athlete. Heidi joined the company a few years later and now works as purchasing manager, while Jimmy focuses on creative parts of product and business development and is chairman of the board. The couple emphasizes the importance of their talented employees for the company's success.

The company has previously been named DI Gasell 2022 by Di magazine and Superföretat 2021 by Dun & Bradstreet. Elexir Pharma works intensively with sustainability, with the goal that all their packaging should be made from recycled materials. Jimmy concludes that the sustainability work is part of their strategy to become a leader in Europe within ten years.

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