Blue Eye - Information

The yellow spot – indispensable for the eye

The macula is a small part of the retina that has a very big impact on our ability to see. It is the one that allows us to both see clearly and also distinguish details. For example, we are completely dependent on the function of the macula to be able to read the daily newspaper, watch TV and the like.

Rich in lutein

The macula is rich in lutein, a nutrient related to carotene. Lutein is found naturally in e.g. in yellow and orange vegetables and in leafy vegetables.

Blueberries good for the eye

Blueberries have proven to be a really useful berry for the eyes and vision. Scientific compilations show that blueberries support visual clarity and retinal function. Furthermore, blueberries have been seen to maintain eye health, provide antioxidant support for the eyes and help protect the eyes. Blueberry supplementation has also been shown to contribute to the normal function of the retina and support visual clarity.