Good Sleep - Information

Why do we need sleep?

We need sleep for the body and brain to rest, recover and process impressions. While we sleep, emotions and experiences are processed so that in the morning we are ready to take on the next day's challenges. When we sleep, the memory is strengthened and the brain is cleared of harmful substances. During sleep, the brain is cleaned of "rubbish" that has formed during the day and nerve connections are expanded and strengthened. Sleep is a basic biological function that exists in all living beings and is controlled by, among other things, heredity, light and environment. An adult usually needs between 7-8 hours of undisturbed sleep per night.

Poor sleep can have many causes

The most common cause of sleep problems is stress. In case of stress, the entire nervous system adjusts to alertness and it becomes difficult to relax and fall asleep. Sleep can become shallower due to stress and you may wake up early in the morning and have difficulty falling back asleep. Why we feel stress is individual, but common causes can be the classic everyday puzzle with high demands at the workplace, family life, everyday chores, relationships, etc. Unprocessed experiences from the past as well as negative thoughts and feelings can also be causes of stress. Other common causes are disturbing noises in the environment such as traffic noise, a snoring partner or if you have small children. Alcohol, nicotine and caffeine can also affect sleep negatively.

Herbs for a good sleep

Good Sleep contains 5 different well-known herbs in a unique combination.

Lemon balm - has been used for centuries for its calming effect and is also a popular spice in cooking. It is also often used in aromatherapy with its fragrant content of essential oils.

Hop - came to the Nordics with the monks in the 12th century and has had an important role in various areas of health ever since. During the First World War, they stuffed pillows with hops in the field hospitals to give the sick a more restful sleep. Today, hops is a valued herb in dietary supplements as it facilitates falling asleep and maintaining restful sleep.

Sleep whistle - A very fitting name for this beautiful flower that belongs to the poppy family. However, it is not called sleepy horn because of its calming properties, but because it ""wakes up"" late in the day, i.e. it does not open its flower until early in the morning. Sömntuta, or poppy contains substances that have been shown to facilitate falling asleep and to maintain a restful sleep.

Oats and Chamomile - Good Sleep contains, in addition to lemon balm, hops and sleep horn, also extracts of oats and chamomile.