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That's why we get sunburned

It is the UV radiation from sunlight that creates our tan. It is usually said that UV radiation is divided into different types, UVA and UVB. It is primarily the more energetic UVB radiation that creates the tan in the epidermis by stimulating the new production of pigment. The pigment is called melanin and it is what gives us the tan color tone in order to protect the skin. At the same time, the UVB radiation builds up another layer of protection, as the skin gradually becomes thicker and thus prevents the radiation from penetrating deeper.


UVA radiation has the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin layer, and is the radiation that causes us - in the case of excessive sunbathing - to become more wrinkled.

Even though the tan itself is the body's way of protecting itself against the sun's rays, one should avoid excessive sunbathing with e.g. burns as a result. The lighter skin/hair color we have, the lower basic levels of melanin we have, and thus are more sensitive to the sun and have more difficulty getting tanned skin.

Support for pigmentation

If you want a beautiful tan, normal pigmentation is a basic requirement. Sola includes copper, which according to scientific studies has the ability to contribute to the skin's normal pigmentation. Through selenium and vitamin E, the cells are protected against oxidative stress, i.e. the attack that occurs due to free radicals. Prolonged sunbathing, e.g. daily sunbathing during the holiday, triggers processes that create oxidative stress in the skin and thus damage the skin cells. Thanks to vitamin C, the skin gets help with the important collagen formation to compensate for the fact that the sun's rays break down the collagen, something that affects the quality of the skin.

Beta-carotene – a tan skin tone

When you eat beta-carotene, the effect is that the subcutaneous fat is colored by the beta-carotene that is stored there. With normal intake (30 mg per day), the skin soon acquires a color tone similar to when you sunbathe. If you take Sola before you go on holiday in the sun, for example, you get both a nice base tone for the skin and at the same time the skin is prepared for the days in the sun. Just don't forget the sun protection factor!