Check for iron?

Iron is important for your production of red blood cells. And compared to many other nutrients, the body's absorption of iron is often low. Pregnant women, teenagers or women who lose a lot of iron due to heavy menstrual bleeding are those most often affected by iron deficiency.

Do I have an iron deficiency?

If you don't get enough iron, you can get iron deficiency and you can't replace the iron that the body loses during, for example, blood loss (menses, pregnancy, etc.). When you do not have enough iron to form hemoglobin, the symptoms can be that you become pale, short of breath, tired and have a weaker immune system.

Tips and advice

What can you do then? If you get a good intake of vitamin C, you help your body absorb more of the iron you get. The reason is that vitamin C converts iron from the diet into a form that is easier for the body to absorb.

What amount is right?

Can you get too much iron? It is important that you check what is right for you. For example, carefully read what is recommended on the packaging. Also remember to always store dietary supplements such as iron out of the reach of children.