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Tired of being tired?

Do you also fall asleep on the bus, in front of your favorite series on the sofa or while reading this text? Annoyed with the manager, the dog's assistant or the cashier on the other side of the counter? Fatigue and lack of energy can have many causes. Stress and anxiety are two common causes of problems with sleep, which can therefore lead to fatigue. Tiredness is also common among children and young people because they surf the computer or phone for a long time and thus fall asleep late.

You can feel more energetic by doing the following:

  • Exercise regularly, but not before you go to bed.
  • Stay outdoors a lot.
  • Eat healthy and at regular times.
  • Get enough and regular sleep.
In addition to the usual tips, you can also eat our B12 vitamin (read more and buy below), vitamin C complex , or Iron .