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Excited for exercise? - Here we go!

Getting started with training after the New Year can be both exciting and challenging. We at Elexir Pharma want to send you lots of encouragement and inspiration for the new year and all the opportunities we face.

Here are some steps that can help you start your fitness journey in a sustainable way:

Set realistic goals

Define clear and realistic goals for your training. Goals should be measurable and aligned with your current fitness level. It could be losing weight, increasing strength, improving fitness or simply exercising regularly.

Find a form of exercise you enjoy

Exercise does not have to be a duty. Find a form of exercise that you really enjoy, whether it's running, cycling, swimming, strength training, yoga or something else. When exercise is fun, it's easier to stick with it.

Create a realistic training routine

Start with small steps and increase gradually. An overambitious start can lead to overtraining or a lack of motivation. Plan your training ahead of time and book time for it in your calendar, just like any other commitment.

Exercise with a friend

Exercising with someone can make it more fun and increase motivation. You can encourage each other and share the training sessions. In addition, there can be social occasions that make training more enjoyable.

Be flexible

If you have a busy lifestyle, be flexible with your exercise. Find opportunities to move even if you have limited time. Maybe you can incorporate short workouts into the day or find ways to be active at work.

Are there nutritional supplements that are particularly suitable for an active lifestyle? Maybe even products in a small flexible monthly package easy to take on the go?

YES, but of course we have it!

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for the body's immune system but also for muscles and bones. With 30 capsules in flexible paper packaging, you can easily carry them with you in your bag so you don't miss your daily dose. It is especially important to eat vitamin D now during the winter period.


The muscle mineral magnesium is a very suitable supplement for those who train and exercise as it is involved in muscle function, nervous system but also reduces fatigue and exhaustion! With a dose of 375 mg per tablet, it covers your entire daily need for magnesium.


Our bestseller Omega-3 forte is of course available in flexible monthly packaging. It contains a highly concentrated fish oil rich in the important fatty acids DHA and EPA, which are important for the heart, brain and eyesight. Certified by Friend of the sea for sustainable fishing.

Iron with vitamin C

Iron is a mineral that women in particular may have extra need for. It is even one of the world's most common nutritional deficiencies for women. Iron is important for the function of the immune system, is needed for oxygen transport in the blood and can reduce fatigue and exhaustion.


Zinc has many functions such as for protein synthesis, metabolism of carbohydrates, for normal testosterone levels and is also important for the immune system. Our Zinc contains 25 mg per tablet together with black pepper extract which increases absorption.

B vitamins

B vitamins are a family of vitamins that interact in many ways in the body. They have many functions, including energy metabolism, muscle function, nervous system and immune system. Our B complex contains all B vitamins.