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Back to routines - Get a good start in autumn with our best tips!

Now the holidays are over for most people and it is time to start working or studying again. Many feel a stress about going back to routines and musts and it feels like a long time until next summer. But there are also those who are relieved to go back to the safe everyday life with routines, work/school and training. Summer and holidays not only mean nice lazy days but also more time with the family, which can mean another type of stress where the children have to be active, relationships have to be prioritized, activities and meals have to be planned.

Regardless of how your summer was, we want to give you tips on how you can get off to a really good start in autumn.

  • Soft start - Feeling work/school anxiety is common in the first few days and it can be nice to know what the days will look like and rest in the fact that you have a handle on the situation. So plan your days in advance and add a reasonable workload if you have the opportunity to manage it yourself for a smoother start. The vacation brain needs a little warm-up before it's back in work/study "mode".
  • Lunch boxes - We all want to find ways to save time, especially in everyday life. If you usually eat lunch out, this is a very effective way to save time on cooking. However, lunch boxes are cost-effective and allow you to decide what you want to eat. Before your first work (or school) week, it can be nice not to have to think about food, so if you have the opportunity, prepare a bunch of lunch boxes on the Sunday before everything starts so you don't have to think about it during the week.
  • Prioritize sleep - On days off, it's easy to fall into a different circadian rhythm than the one we normally have. It may take a few days before we find our way back to our normal sleeping routines, so try to go to bed early in the evening to get through the next day.
  • Plan something fun - It can feel like a long time until next summer or until the next holiday and autumn and winter can feel really long here in Sweden. It is therefore important to have other things to look forward to, it can be very effective for our well-being. Here are some great tips!
  • Buy tickets to a concert, live music is a great break from the squirrel wheel!
  • Find a movie you want to see at the cinema and book tickets now.
  • Plan a lovely AW with colleagues.
  • A weekend with friends is never wrong.
  • Invite family and friends over for dinner or a get-together.
  • A long walk in the autumn air can be really lovely in beautiful surroundings.
  • If you like training - there are usually lots of training events that give you a boost and new inspiration.
  • Find a new recipe and make it a family activity to cook this weekend's dinner.
  • If you have children - ask for help from a babysitter well in advance and schedule a date with your partner.
  • Ask everyone you know for good recommendations on TV series or movies, it can be relaxing to have something really good to watch when you just need to rest after a long day at work.

Get more energy

It is no wonder that you feel tired at the beginning of autumn when you have focused on relaxation and recovery during the summer (hopefully you have been able to do that). The body may need a little help on the trot to regain energy and focus, where nutrition plays a bigger role than you might think. Nutrient-dense, varied food gives you energy, unlike heavy, fatty, calorie-dense food that can make you drowsy and tired. Focus on vegetables, slow carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats and lots of fruit and berries. Water is also important!

Dietary supplements?

Yes, of course, you can also support the body with nutritional supplements. Now that summer is over (not that it brought much sun this year...) it's time to start with vitamin D. The sun's rays give us vitamin D, which lasts a couple of months into autumn at best, but if you haven't been abroad or managed to find yourself in the places in Sweden where the sun shines, you can review your intake already now. There is also support for sleep, stress, energy, immune system etc. if you need it.

Below is a list of tips: