Younique Amazing Hair - Information

Better hair quality starts with nourishment from within

The market for hair products is gigantic. As a consumer, it is even confusing. But there is a simple rule of thumb you can stick to, and that is that the quality of the hair starts with proper nutrition from the inside to the roots of the hair. As usual, our diet is responsible for this, but we don't always succeed in being so exemplary...

Different causes of hair loss

The reasons for, for example, hair loss can be somewhat simplified divided into two groups. Partly things that we ourselves influence, i.e. stress, diet and how we treat our hair with hair dryers, brushes, heating tools etc. and partly causes that are purely medical, i.e. hormonal causes, such as menopause. Then one should not forget that part of the hair loss is due to the hair's rejuvenation process. The rule of thumb is that we normally lose up to 100 hairs per day on average, and it is "old" hair that leaves room for new hairs.

The right kind of nutrition

Nutrition is always essential when it comes to health, hair is no exception. In order for the hair to grow and look fresh and healthy, the body needs access to several nutrients, among which biotin, zinc, copper and selenium are particularly important. Biotin, zinc and selenium contribute to normal hair and copper contributes to the hair's normal pigmentation, i.e. hair colour.


AnaGain™ is an exclusive extract extracted from organic pea pods. A study conducted on people with hair loss problems (to varying degrees) showed that taking 100 mg of AnaGain™ daily significantly reduced hair loss by 37% already after 8 weeks! A visibly increased hair density was also seen. (Source: Anti-Hair Loss Effect of AnaGain™ Now Orally Applied as a Food Supplement).

Brewer's yeast and millet extract

Brewer's yeast is a classic ingredient in dietary supplements for hair as it is naturally rich in B vitamins. YOUNIQUE Amazing hair is also supplemented with millet extract.