Norwegian fish oil rich in omega-3 based on salmon, herring, monkfish and cod

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299 kr

Over 20 years of experience

Developed in Sweden

Healthy choice

  • Norwegian fish oil from salmon, herring, monkfish and cod
  • Fish from the clean, cold waters of the Arctic Ocean
  • Omega-3 with DHA contributes to maintaining the normal function of the brain and vision
  • DHA and EPA contribute to the normal functioning of the heart

Purefish® is a dietary supplement with Norwegian fish oil from salmon, herring, monkfish and cod from the Arctic Ocean. These fish species contain high levels of DHA and EPA but also monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and the unique omega-3 fatty acid DPA.

The fatty acid that the heart likes

Already in 1937 came the first published study that could show the benefits of fatty fish. The researchers had then studied the Eskimos and found that their diet of very fatty fish, seals and whales meant that they avoided many of the welfare diseases of the Western world. In fact, they continued this research until the 1990s, when they switched to studying the pure, essential fatty acids in fish – omega-3.


For the last 25-30 years, the production of fish oil has been concentrated around two specific omega-3 fatty acids – EPA and DHA. The reason for this is that research showed that precisely these fatty acids were extremely important for the heart, blood vessels, brain and eyesight.

Essential fatty acids – must be supplied
Omega-3 with the fatty acids EPA and DHA are so-called essential fatty acids. This means that the body - even though they are essential for life - cannot manufacture these themselves. They must be supplied through the diet in one way or another.

The right amount for the heart and vessels

EFSA, the European Food Authority, has studied the solid research material produced on fatty fish and fish oil/omega-3 for more than 80 (!) years. It has then been established that it is the combination of EPA and DHA that is important, and that you should ingest at least 250 mg of these two fatty acids together daily to obtain the above health effects.