Where did the desire go? article image

Where did the desire go?

Life goes up and down and none of us are on top all the time. We all have our flaws. Nobody is perfect. And when it comes to our sex drive, it can be different from person to person, and differ over different periods and situations in life. Yes, there is actually no such thing as "normal" sex drive. But since you are curious and still read here, there is obviously a reason for that.

What could this be due to?

Mental illness, menopause, problems in your relationship or maybe you just had a baby? The reasons can be many and often the background is not known.

Lack of sex during menopause

For example, did you know that menopause can affect both women and men and that estrogen and testosterone levels change, which can affect your sex drive?

Testosterone levels naturally decline with age. And estrogen levels can drop significantly as menopause approaches. It not only affects sex drive, but also reduces vaginal discharge. This in turn can lead to dry mucous membranes and make it uncomfortable and painful during sex.

Mental illness and problems in the relationship

How you and your partner feel can of course play a big role in your sex life. If you feel down, it can of course also affect your sex drive or just your desire in general. Try to be kind to yourself, try to maintain physical intimacy with your partner in other ways. Cuddle, just lie naked in bed together or maybe shower together? In this way, sex drive can come back because you still feel close to each other.

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